For the past 17 years, Jonathan has worked with companies and governments to understand, articulate and prototype their futures.

In this process, he has learned that growth comes from more than competitive intelligence, customer insight and trends. It requires the linkage of product innovation and cultural capability. At the end  of the day, teamwork drives execution.

Currently, he has two roles. The first is as a partner at Special Projects Agency, a human-centered product and service innovation consultancy that does extensive work on Future Frameworks, Product Planning and Prototyping for new service and product experiences.

He is also a Research Fellow at Frost and Sullivan, a major global market analyst firm. In this role, he advises the Chairman and clients about the implications of emerging technology across 13 industries and identify game changing services and businesses for the firm.

Following his Future Frameworks process, he has built, led and mentored cross disciplinary teams in the creation of digital, physical and service experiences, including: software, digital devices, businesses, magazines, films, and exhibits that bring the future to life for a broad range of global clients in education, healthcare, technology, mobility and retail. 

Being both a strategist and practitioner brings a unique perspective. He is well versed in the best practices around foresight and strategy. He also knows what it takes to drive vision into successful products.  



How will technology change the way we age in place?

We facilitated a Future Frameworks Workshop with 250 senior executives in healthcare, IT, mobility, insurance, government and energy at this year's Frost & Sullivan's GIL conference. Each of them brought a small window into the future.


What happens when biotech jacks into the internet?

In the summer of 2015, O'Reilly's Solid conference asked us to assemble some of the brightest minds in technology and biology to explore the Biological Internet of Things. The output was a 75–page report filled with ideas and scenarios about how the Internet of Life will form.


How will technology change the way millennials eat?

We collaborated with our sister company CCD Innovation and 30 executives from around the food space to envision how the food industry will evolve over the next decade. 


How do you respond when Google undercuts you?


We worked with Aha Mobile to reimaging their business from a mobile app to the server-side platform that powers next generation car radios for seven auto manufacturers. The result was an acquisition by Harman, a major automotive audio manufacturer. Today, Aha's technology powers much of Harman's product line.


The Emerging Technology of Deliciousness

Special Projects Agency's Jonathan Brill talks about emerging technologies that will reshape food at TEDx Arendal.


How will we feed 9 Billion People?

We led content development for the US Pavilion at the 2015 World Fair. We led the development of 28,000sf of exhibits from concept through permitting.

Over the course of a year, we were tasked with understanding and articulating the United States' role in enabling the global food system, one of the largest, most fractured ecosystems on the planet.


How can digital experience reinvigorate a downtown?

The City of Dallas wanted to reinvent and modernize its downtown. Over a one year period, as we developed the masterplan, we simulated digital infrastructure around the city, ranging from digital installations to mobile services.


How will we bank in the future?

Chase 'Blueprint UI', a series of UI concepts that formed the basis of Chase's 2013 mobile banking communications platform.


What will it be like to be digital?

In 2000, Jonathan design the experience and content masterplan for Sony Wonder, one of the first interactive museum exhibits.

The core task was developing a 10–year view of digital lifestyle technology and to develop exhibit concepts that would be rolled out sequentially over the next decade.

As you can see from the video, the futuring project was quite consistent with what was rolled out.