Case Studies

How do you sell the IoT across a national retail chain?

Over the course of seven years, we helped Verizon and their retail agency, Erwin Penland think through this problem. Through the process, we helped them roadmap how they would sell IoT and mobile devices across 4000 retail outlets.

We interviewed and observed people ranging
from the President of Verizon Wireless all the way
to the janitor and refined layouts and recommended interactive in-store experiences.

In the process, we helped the marketing teams
rethink the in-store marketing through virtual reality experiences that brought new service opportunities to life.


How do you extend your product line without betting the farm?

We worked with a successful kitchen appliance startup to rethink their existing product through a competitive analysis, interviews throughout the supply chain and feature and use analysis.

In the process, we also helped them prioritize
on a range of product accessories and licensed
goods that derisked the business while driving
higher margin with less distraction. 

How do you leverage your existing technology lead an emerging product category?

As Aha Mobile was running out of funding, we worked with them to reposition their story from a
mobile app to the core platform underneath
next generation car radios. 

The development of sales tools and explanatory videos crystalized the leadership team's pivot story and led to an acquisition by Harman, a major automotive audio manufacturer. Today, Aha's technology powers much of Harman's product line.

Typical Deliverables


We identify ways to improve the quality of your user experience while improving the efficiency and resiliency of your value chain.



We identify and benchmark product and feature concepts against their fit with target consumers, market size and business fit.


We work with you to identify which features are going to be mission critical and help your team find alignment around key priorities.



We look at your protectable assets and identify parallel market that have the opportunity for licensing or line expansion.

Action Plan.jpg


We help you identify the path to market and when to roll out features based on technology forecast, market dynamics and sales volume.

We always keep in mind your existing capabilities, need for flexibility through the development cycle and the inevitable need to prioritize when reality kicks in, level of effort and personnel requirements for each step of your development, when/where to insource/outsource.


We help you identify the risks and opportunities that are most likely to occur as you go down your development path and identify the options that will provide you with the most opportunity as you move toward market.