Future Lab

Conferences are at constant risk of being perceived as sourcing events. 

We distill the intellectual essence of conferences and provide conference producers with the tools to drive insights into attendee and sponsor organizations throughout the year.

Example Video From Frost & Sullivan GIL Conference


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How It Works


Case Study

O'Reilly's Solid Conference asked: How IoT technologies and Synthetic Biology shape human experience in the next 15 years? We worked with thought leaders at the conference and conducted video interviews to identify key trends.

Throughout the process, we kept a visual diary for conversation attendees and interviewees to refer to. 

We synthesized all of this information into three key trends that we expressed through thought leadership articles.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 1.26.55 PM.png

We then identified key insights and developed product concepts that make it easy for conference attendees to describe future trends.

This work came together in the form of a book  'The Internet of Life' that will be distributed to conference attendees as highly targeted marketing content for next year's conference.