Case Studies

How do you reimagine industrial equipment for consumer use?

Sous Vide is used in most of the high end kitchens in the world...but it has been slow to move into the consumer market because of percieved difficulty of use and the need for special pans. We worked with a kitchen appliance manufacturer to reimagine sous vide for home use. In the process, we developed a completely new physical design and interactive experience that radically simplifies this high end cooking technique.

How do you engage customers on a busy street?

Old Navy wanted to experiment with using interactive experiences in their storefronts. We designed, built and managed simultaneous installations in New York and San Francisco. Over a month, 25,000 people stepped up and had a smile put on their face!


How do you power your computer in the jungle?

OLPC wanted to bring notebook computers to schools in the developing world. In order to do that, they needed a new sort of human powered generator that was designed for children's physiology and used serviceable. We collaborated with the team at Squid to think through usability issues and rethink the technology from the ground up. The result was a successful pitch for $3m of seed funding. 


How do you simulate IoT experiences?

We built the Physical Vision platform, a tool that makes it fast and easy to prototype hardware/software interactions in built environments. It makes it possible to rapidly simulate and prototype new experiences across a range of platforms.


What would it be like to have a digital landmark on top of Times Square?

We brought this idea to life for the Durst Organization. We built a 3D Virtual Reality Theater that includes a photorealistic model of New York City. Users are able to fly around New York City, from the Statue of Liberty up to Yankee Stadium, explore site lines and better understand development opportunities. 

The model of New York City is light enough to run on an iPad or iPhone.


How do you turn a defunct downtown into a digital wonderland?

The City of Dallas' economic development group, DDI, wanted to reinvigorate their downtown with digital installations.

Over the course of a year, we worked with them and Excitement Technology Group to reimagine the downtown experience. In the process, we built a realtime 3D interactive experience of the city where time of day, lighting, new buildings, traffic and pedestrian patterns could be changed to simulate the experience. 

At the same time, we were able to prototype experiences on target hardware and see how the interactions work in the virtual world. 


How do you demonstrate the power of 4G to the Kardashian class?

The team at PMK*BNC had one week to throw a party featuring HTC's latest photo and social capabilities...and showcase a concert with the Black Keys!

We designed and built 3 experiences for them. One was a 'Check In' app where customers could send a tweet from the phone and have their photo taken from any of 20 phones and aggregated to a giant video projection that spanned the concert venue. 

As the night went on, we set up a photobooth with outfits and a giant Android. Carly, TMobile's spokes model came by several times.

When the Black Keys and Quest Love started playing, we dispatched photographers to document excitement of the party to share on Twitter, Facebook and other social outlets. They were also projected across the walls!